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Bloomtools Toronto West online toolbox has everything your business needs to capture leads and convert them into loyal customers. Our results-focused websites and our digital marketing tools are designed to drive targeted traffic back to your website where visitors can take the action you want them to take.

Websites that Convert

Every Bloomtools website is custom designed, tailored to your business, and built to get you results. You have seconds to convince visitors to stay on your website. Show off your difference and don't get lost in a sea of other businesses like yours.


database marketing email marketing

Database Marketing

You probably have a lot of customers in your database. How do you regularly keep in touch with all of them? It's easy with Bloomtools Toronto West integrated contact management, email marketing and automation, survey tool and event manager.




Are you still managing your customer list using the old-fashioned spreadsheet? Our easy-to-use CRM allows you to manage and automate your sales process easily. Say goodbye to your spreadsheet and say hello to automation.


What You Get with Bloomtools

One Login For Everything

Edit your website, send emails and market your website all from one platform!

Secure and Reliable

Your website is hosted in three data centres to ensure your information is secured. We promise both reliable access and data security.

Local & Small Business Support

Bloomtools loves small businesses! Hundreds of small businesses have already chosen Bloomtools and enjoyed great success.

Your Last Website Ever

All Bloomtools' clients run on the same code base, so when we make updates, everyone enjoys the benefits automatically.


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Bloomtools Creates Modern and Captivating Designs

Say no to templates! Every Bloomtools website is custom designed by our team of professionals so it looks great and is tailored to your business.

Plus, every design is guaranteed to be mobile optimized, is social media ready, and comes with unlimited pages, revision history and basic SEO to make sure you can easily be found on search engines.

And with no technical skills, you can easily update your beautiful, responsive website with our drag and drop editor.

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Enter your website URL, and within seconds we'll let you know where your website's strengths and weaknesses lie.

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Engage Your Customers and Boost Your Sales with Bloomtools Database Marketing

We make it easy for you to communicate with and market to your clients on an ongoing basis. Create email marketing campaigns, get insight from your customers through surveys, and invite them to your events using our Database Marketing solution, all accessible using one login.

Email Marketing

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder that can be easily personalized
  • Spam checker to ensure that your emails don't get caught in the spam folder
  • Schedule your emails to go out when you want, whether immediate or at a future date and time

Contact Management
Effortlessly create sign-up forms that you can add to your website or to an external site, automatically add the contacts to your database, and automate your emails.

Event Manager
Whether you're hosting a public or an exclusive VIP event, free or paid, our Event Manager makes event management a breeze.

Survey Manager
Create and send surveys to anyone you want including your customers and employees.

Convert Leads into Customers. Nurture Relationships Using Bloomtools Toronto West's CRM System.

Customer Relationship Management systems are great for managing leads and customer relationships, but most of the CRMs available on the market, albeit powerful, are expensive and complicated to use.

We are passionate about providing complete, simple-to-use business solutions to small and medium business owners like you. Just like our website and database marketing, our CRM is accessible through one login and connected to both your website and database marketing platforms, making it easy for you to run your business and manage your online presence.

Manage Leads

  • one contact location
  • take notes, tasks and reminders
  • reporting

Invoicing & Payments

  • central place for all invoices including those from your shopping cart
  • create your own
  • easy to export


  • manage tasks and calendar
  • share tasks and meetings with your team
  • store a copy of your emails with your clients
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"Astrid and her team were a delight to work with. Professional, quick, and made our vision a website reality. We would highly recommend working with them, you won't be disappointed."

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"Your kindness and passion made for a perfect partnership my friend. I am proud to be able to work with such an attentive and caring Owner. I hope many get the opportunity to experience your professionalism so you can bring as much joy as you did to me and my website to their business and lives!"

-Liberty Village CARES-

"I appreciated the amount of time she spent with us, designing and customizing our website. Very detailed and she followed up on all our needs!"

-Partner Safety-

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