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A New, Branded Website for Partner Safety

Posted on 19 July 2017
A New, Branded Website for Partner Safety

Your company's brand defines your company and should be made visible in every marketing effort that you put in, including your website. Your brand is not just about your logo but also about your colours, your content, your voice, your beliefs, your values, your mission and your vision.

When the founder of Partner Safety came to me looking to create a website for his new business, his biggest requirement was to have a professionally designed website, one that is branded to highlight his unique business. As a player in a niche market, he wanted to assure his existing and future clients that Partner Safety is a serious and professional safety and rescue partner they can trust.

Fire Safety & Suppression

After sitting down with him to understand the purpose of his website, his points of differences, what his brand is about and how his business fits in the industry, our designers came up with a design that embodied his brand, packaged nicely into a functioning, results-focused website. We made sure that we brought in the colours from his logo throughout his site for branding consistency.  We used real images that the client had taken in order to demonstrate the expertise and experience of his team in the safety and rescue industry.

Partner Safety Icons

partner safety website pages

To learn more about Partner Safety and the services they offer, visit www.partnersafety.ca.


Full of Features & Benefits

Bloomtools websites are full of features and benefits and it doesn't matter what your budget is, we ensure that the following elements are present in every single website that we create, including the Partner Safety website:

  1. Consistent Branding
  2. Strategically placed calls to action buttons
  3. Strategically designed flow to ensure that user experience for your visitors is optimized
  4. Responsive and mobile-friendly
  5. SEO friendly with sitemap.xml and robot.txt installed, and every page optimized with basic SEO
  6. Easy-to-update content management system
  7. Unlimited pages to grow with your business
  8. Secure, state-of-the-art hosting to ensure that your website never goes down and never gets hacked

A big bonus with having a Bloomtools website is getting access to an experienced web consultant who will monitor the performance of your website on a regular basis and provide advise to help you grow your online presence. You'll also have an experienced technical support team at your disposal, available to answer any questions that you have about your website.

To learn how your company can get a new, functioning and beautiful website up and running in just 6 weeks, contact Bloomtools Toronto West today.

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