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So You Want to Create Your Own Sales Funnel?

But you're not sure where to start or what to do.

You know you need a landing page. But there's so many out there, what's the difference?

You know you need to send emails out. But what type of emails and what do you say? How often? How do you send them out?





Trust me, I've been in your shoes!

I was opting-in to  lead magnets and webinars and receiving all these emails. I had no idea WTH they were! And then I learned that they were funnels and I wondered how to get one started.

I was CLUELESS! I had no idea what elements are needed in a sales funnel, let alone how to get one started. But I learned. Painfully on my own. 

And then I started helping my clients with their funnels. But I KNOW that there are many entrepreneurs who want to build a funnel on their own just like I did, but they have no guidance. I wish I had a guide to follow to help me figure it out.

That's Why I Created

The Ultimate DIY Sales Funnel Planning Guide

to help get you started....

to help you plan...

to help you understand the steps...

to help you implement...

This 20-page guide is jammed-packed with worksheets to get your thinking cap working!

You'll get:

1. The Preliminary Planning Worksheet

This worksheet will walk you through the exercise of identifying the who, the why, the how.

2. Sales Funnel Steps Checklist

This checklist will outline all the steps required in a sales funnel.

3. Landing Page Elements

This guide will walk you through all the elements you should have on your landing page.

4. Nurture Emails Worksheet

Using this worksheet, you'll understand the who, the why, the how and the what of nurture emails.

5. Nurture Emails Templates

You'll get the secret to writing nurture emails including examples that you can use to guide you.

6. Comparison Sheet: Landing Pages

With so many landing page builders to choose from, it's hard to know what the differences are. This comparison sheet compares several of the most popular landing page builders.

7. Comparison Sheet: Email Marketing Platforms

Which email platform should you use to build your email marketing automation for your nurture emails? This comparison sheet provides a checklist of what each email marketing platform has and doesn't have.
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Why Entrepreneurs LOVE my Ultimate DIY Sales Funnel Planning Guide

"Astrid's guide has made planning my sales funnel a cinch! I love that the steps are clearly laid out and easy to follow - something so important for a busy business owner like myself. The Sales Funnel checklist also keeps me focused on the tasks on hand because there are so many elements that go into creating a successful funnel. I especially love that the guide is filled with so many great examples, it's easy to follow and I know how to apply the examples to my own business. Above all, she's even included platform options for building my landing page and creating my email marketing. She's done all the research for me already - it's all there!"

She's Newsworthy

"Super helpful, straightforward and easy to follow guide. This DIY Funnel planning has been instrumental in setting my new product launch up for success. This is a detailed step-by-step guide that walks you through everything you need to know to reach your end goal. It helps you get focused and organized, and ultimately helps you improve your business strategy. Not only does it list clear, actionable steps, it even provides templates and a checklist so you don't miss anything. A Gem!"


"The sales funnel guide is such an easy and descriptive way of getting started. The steps included were informational and strategic so that we could stay focussed on how to speak to our audience effectively. The Worksheets and example breakdown of how to write your content in a simplistic and effective way is brilliant. I would highly recommend this course for people who are beginners or are interested in refining their message through digital marketing."

Mayana Genevière

"Astrid really knows her stuff! This straight forward practical guide really helped me figure out how to make a funnel and gave me practical steps on how to generate more leads. I'm redoing my funnels thanks to her guide!!"

Agnes and Dora Independent Sales Rep

"This sales funnel guide is such an amazing helpful package for me just starting off with my website. I love how it's laid out for me to work through step-by-step. This ideas and process is definitely going to increase traffic and sales to my page. So glad that I got Astrid's help with it!"

The Period Purse

Are you ready to DIY that Sales Funnel that you've been wanting to set up?

You KNOW there's no better time than right now!

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