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Does Your Website Sell?

It's not just about having great products or services, or having a beautifully-designed website.

It's about getting results! 

It's about having a reliable lego base to start with (our platform) and strategically adding the lego pieces that fit your lego base (our tools) to create a beautiful structure that performs the way it should - a website that sells!


By generating leads to your website and making sure all the tools are in place to convert those leads into paying customers! There's more to a website than you think. You can have a regular website that does nothing for you, or you can have a WINNING website that works for you 24/7. A WINNING website means more traffic to your website, more leads and higher conversion. It means having a website that can pay for itself several times over! 

Bloomtools is unique and here's why:

If you could have an all-in-one digital marketing solution to help your business thrive, flourish and multiply many folds, wouldn't you jump at the opportunity to get it? With Bloomtools' single platform, all the tools you need to make your business bloom are available to you using only one login; from a website that actually generates results, to a CRM that can help you keep track of leads, to a database marketing tool that can help you engage on a meaningful level with your customers, and everything in between. Watch the video below to learn more.

What you get with a Bloomtools website:

A Consultant to help you define your goals, understand your definition of success and offer online and offline marketing advise. Most business consultants charge $500-$1,000. My fees are included in the low monthly service fees or monthly package payment.

An online presence that can generate leads for you + social media tools to help you build a following, creating a buzz for your brand.


Reactive mobile optimized version of your website that allows people to find you on their phones and easily find information on your website.



Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help Google and other search engines index your website to the first 2 pages, so that people can find you.

Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you to easily update your content at any time without having to get a developer to do it for you, saving you time and money.

Unlimited pages to grow with your business, saving you money because you'll never have to pay for additional pages.

It gets better! Because you were referred by Liberty Village CARES, you get a 20% discount on our website and online marketing tools! 

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Cheers from one local business owner to another!
Astrid Sucipto

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