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So You Want to Generate Leads, Build Your List, Remarket to Your Existing Database and Turn Them into Paying Customers?

A Marketing Sales Funnel is a Process That Will Take Your Leads from Point A to Point B, Which is the Point of Conversion!

It's Exactly What You Need!'re not quite sure how to set one up and how to even get started.

Heck, you're not even sure what, how and where to build your landing page.

And even if you've figured that out, what's next? How do you turn your leads into paying customers? How do you automate your emails?

Is your head spinning from all the questions you have?

Does starting a sales funnel sound and seem too complicated?

Trust Me, I've Been in Your Shoes!


First, I didn't know WTH funnels were. And when I finally figured it out and wanted to set one up,  

I looked into the various online courses on list building but most of them don't teach you the step-by-step or technical know-how and behind-the-scenes setup. Not to mention that most of them are SO EXPENSIVE at $1,000 plus!

That's why I created this online course

Setup Your First Sales Funnel Like a Pro

to help you plan...

to help you get started....

to walk you through the necessary steps...

to help you implement using LeadPages or MailChimp...

All for the low price of



So if you're AT ALL like how I was...

  • CLUELESS about funnels and how to get started
  • OVERWHELMED by all the information out there and not sure how to piece them all together
  • INTIMIDATED by the technology and technical know-how to set one up
  • FRUSTRATED at what seems like such a complicated and expensive process...

Then this course is for you!

Let Me Put Your Mind at Ease

Here's What You'll Get:

  1. A course that you can work on at your own pace
  2. Materials that are easy to understand
  3. Hands-on training with a step-by-step of how to actually setup your funnel
  4. A comprehensive 20-page workbook guide with worksheets to help you understand your audience, set a trackable goal and write converting nurture emails
  5. Access to a private facebook page to collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs

My promise to you after taking my course, is that you'll walk away with the confidence boost you need to setup a kick-ass sales funnel. Say goodbye to frustration and overwhelm. I'm so confident you'll have the necessary know-how by the end of the course, that I'm offering a 30-day money-back guarantee!


Module 1: Understanding the Basics of a Sales Funnel

Before you can get started on building a funnel, you have to understand all the elements that make up a funnel. This module will explain what a sales funnel is and will walk through all the steps required to setup your funnel.

Module 2: Pre-planning your funnel effectively

Planning is an important stage and before you can dive deep into the setup, you need to understand who you are targetting your funnel to, how you are going to promote it, what your conversion goals are, etc. 

Module 3: Creating your lead magnet

In this module, we will help you understand what a lead magnet is and go over some of the different lead magnets you can have for your businesss.

Module 4: The art of landing pages

What should go on a landing page and what makes a landing page effective? This module will discuss the elements that a highly converting landing page has. 

Module 5: Maximizing nurture emails

Nurture emails are used to nurture your leads. They are meant to keep them engaged with you, gain their trust and develop a belief that you know how to solve their problem and that you want to help them. This module will go over structure and ways to maximimze the effectiveness of your emails.

Module 6A: Setting up your first funnel using MailChimp

This is a hands-on module to give you step-by-step instrutions to setup your sales funnel using MailChimp. If MailChimp is your platform of choice, this is the module that will walk you through the setup of your funnel.

Module 6B: Setting up your first funnel using Leadpages and Active Campaign

If you use Leadpages and Active Campaign, this hands-on module will walk you through the setup of your funnel.



Bonus - The Ultimate DIY Sales Funnel Planning Guide!

Value of $67 included for FREE!

This 20-page guide is jammed-packed with worksheets to get your thinking cap working!

You'll get:

1. The Preliminary Planning Worksheet

2. Sales Funnel Steps Checklist

3. Landing Page Elements

4. Nurture Emails Worksheet

5. Nurture Emails Templates

6. Comparison Sheet: Landing Pages

7. Comparison Sheet: Email Marketing Platforms

sales funnels

Let's get to know each other!

My name is Astrid Sucipto and I've spent 20 years in the Corporate world working for medium to large enterprises. As much as I enjoyed corporate life, I decided to leave it behind to work with small businesses - coaches, consultants and other entrepreneurs, to help them with their online marketing. 

Having spent the last decade of my corporate life in a senior Marketing & Communications role, I understand the customers' buying journey and what it takes to transition them from leads to paying customers. Today, I want to help as many entrepreneurs understand this journey because I believe that this information is key if you want to generate more leads and also convince existing customers to buy more, and more often.

Now I'd love to get to know you and your business! I look forward to working with you.

With Gratitude,

What Other Entrepreneurs Say About Astrid

"Astrid has been instrumental in helping me scale my business. She has created beautiful landing pages, email funnels and graphics to help me stand out in noisy online world. She really understands what it is I am trying to convey with my digital marketing. Because of her help, I have been able to focus more on the things that matter most, creating awesome content and serving my clients."

Think Big Consulting

"Clearly knowledgeable in her field, Astrid walked us through the process using simplified language. I walked away feeling like I had a firm grasp of the Sales Funnel concept despite having never heard the word before"


"Astrid really knows her stuff! Her straight forward practical guide really helped me figure out how to make a funnel and gave me practical steps on how to generate more leads. I'm redoing my funnels thanks to her guide!!"

Agnes and Dora Independent Sales Rep

"I attended a Sales Funnel workshop with Astrid, which was a great overview of moving through funnels and the steps involved to set them up and work with them. It was done in an educational yet light way and it was also thorough without being too complicated. I have a much, much clearer view on how funnels work! As a relatively new entrepreneur, the lead magnet has helped me gain an email community of 50+ so far, and I am hoping to get more as I continue to push people to the site. The click and open rates are higher than normal, so I feel like I am getting strong engagement. The workshop has great value and really helps to illuminate that part of marketing and promoting. I would to see more of her workshops and recommend it to others!"

Paul Silva Coaching

Are you ready to setup your first sales funnel like a pro?

Make a decision to say yes now and sign up!