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The Ultimate DIY Sales Funnel Planning Guide

This 20-page guide is jammed-packed with worksheets to get your thinking cap working!
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In this 20-page guide, you'll get:

  1. Instructions
  2. The Preliminary Planning Worksheet
  3. Sales Funnel Steps Checklist
  4. Landing Page Elements
  5. Nurture Emails Worksheet
  6. Nurture Emails Templates
  7. Comparison Sheet: Landing Pages
  8. Comparison Sheet: Email Marketing Platforms
  • 17 August 20185.0 I love that the steps are clearly laid out and easy to follow - something so important for a busy business owner like myself. She's done all the research for me already - it's all there! -Jennifer, She's Newsworthy-
  • 16 August 20185.0 Super helpful, straightforward and easy to follow guide. This is a detailed step-by-step guide that walks you through everything you need to know to reach you end goal. A Gem! - Natalia, FRASSAI-
  • 16 August 20185.0 Astrid really knows her stuff! This straight forward practical guide really helped me figure out how to make a funnel and gave me practical steps on how to generate more leads. I'm redoing my funnels thanks to her guide!! -Anne, Agnes & Dora-